Preps Dance School & Company

promotes performing arts education in the DeLand community

through pre-professional dance training, performances, and so much more.

Since Miss Lyndsay Fuller opened Preps Dance in August of 2012, Preps Dance School & Company has participated in 12 productions, 100+ community performances, charity events, parades, Disney, Regional, and National Competitions. Preps Dance is recognized as  the premier dance school in the DeLand Community Voted Best of Best by the Daytona Beach News Journal; and is Regionally and Nationally recognized for their innovative choreography, versatility, and highly talented dancers. Preps Dance received raving reviews from the judging panel, audiences, and competitors alike. "Owner Miss Lyndsay runs a first class operation from top to bottom and all your merits and accomplishments are certainly well deserved. I couldn’t be happier that you and your talented kids won this particular year,” says Ron DeVito, the president of Access Broadway. 

In  2014 Preps Dance Co. was titled Access Broadway's Stage Door Champions in our Second Season, making us America's Best Debut School! at the Orlando, FL Grand National Finals AND WE WON IT AGAIN! In New York City!! In 2016!! Our dancers made their 'On Broadway' Debut on July 11th at the Playstation Theatre in Times Square. We were ecstatic to win the title again! AND cannot wait for our New Season to Begin! Coming into our 7th Season, 

what is to come for 2018-2019 season?!

Our First Day of the 2018-2019 Season is Monday, August 20th! Registration for the new season begins now! EMAIL PREPSDANCE@GMAIL.COM for more info. 

Productions for the 2018-2019 Season 

OCT [Annastasia] 

JUNE [Jungle Book]

As we continue to promote pre-professional dance education and training,

we try to give our dancers the ability to use their training in the

entertainment industry and beyond. The skills and discipline our dancers learn

in the dance classroom will apply to various venues they may encounter

in their youth and perhaps even into adulthood. We want to give our dancers

an encouraging yet challenging environment to stimulate growth

And allow them to explore their creativity.

What you need to know!?!

Q & A

Are there classes each week? DO you follow the Volusia County School Schedule? 

Classes meet weekly. Preps follows the Volusia County School Schedule. Please check our calendar for more details.

do all classes Particapte in an end of the Recital? What are the costs involved?

Yes! But instead of having a recital, our dancers participate in our June Production that is held in the Historical Athens Theatre in Downtown DeLand. This gives our students the opportunity to experience what it is like to perform in a real theatre, and a little taste of fame. There is no production fee, but there are costumes fees: 1 costume per class. Costumes range $65-$90 per costume. Parents purchase tickets to our Annual June Production through the Athens Theatre ( Dancers will also have the opportunity to take pictures in their costume(s) during Picture Call in May (Exulting Images) and for On-Stage Rehearsal in June (Oxley Photography). We will also have a DVD available.   

Not sure what the difference between a recital & a production is? Check out a video clip below of our 2nd Annual Production "Untamed" from Edson Pacheco.


WHat is the difference between the Company & School?

All of our dancers are considered a part of Preps Dance School and participate in one large production in June. Preps Dance Company is our intensive pre-professional track for our School dancers who are interested in becoming professional dancers. Company dancers can dance up to 20 hours a week, participate on average 50 events throughout the season,  and will compete 1-4 times a year including a National Competition. Company is a large commitment for the dancer and their family, and is by Director Invite only. 

There is a more information about each level with our Schedule


Registration starts August 1st. Please email for a registration appointment.